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Dating, Romance, Relationships, Hearts & Kisses, Hopes & Dreams, Commitment, Thoughts& Feelings, Trust, Faith in God,

& Unconditional LOVE which endures all things!

It all begins with the very first time you laid eyes on one another.  Perhaps, only a day or even years went by before the first date but it all began when your eyes met for the very first time.

 A connection like none other.  Perhaps, it was a quiet connection or a nuclear explosion of emotions! 

Thus,began your personal journey as 'Sweeties'.

The Sweeties Manual is truly a labor of love. It is meant to be shared, to encourage each other through its colorful, lighthearted and whimsical illustrations but more importantly the 'sweet' messages. 

To be a 'Sweetie' is to love and honor the other and should be like breathing...you just can't stop!

Thank you for sharing in this incredible journey as you learn how to create those precious 'Sweeties Moments.'

 To make your marriage stronger and more meaningful ~ where EVERY kiss has all the magic of your very first!  Where two hearts CAN beat as one!

Sweeties Manual

'When Words Are Not Enough'.

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