The Author

Having first laid eyes on each other in the Fall of 1982 in Charlotte, NC, David and Trish had no idea how many extraordinary chapters they would create in their lives together.

Becoming 'Sweeties' has truly been a life-changing process ~ from their wedding in 1983, being blessed to raise three incredible sons to the day they finished writing

'The Sweeties Manual' and as each day follows,it continues to be a journey like none other. Such an amazing blend of love, honor, respect, and grace.

It all began one very chaotic morning in 1985 when David said something which hurt Trish's feelings.  She turned to him with tears in her eyes and said 'I guess we're not Sweeties anymore!

You can find it on page 192 of the Sweeties Manual'!  Thus, the idea for creating many expressive 'words of wisdom' were put to pen and paper and a sweet little instruction 'manual' began. 

Little did we know in 1999,we would be blessed to meet Jim and Frieda Baird, experienced artists and future illustrators for The Sweeties Manual. 

With Trish's desire to have the 'Sweeties' couple appear as cute and colorful, whimsical characters, Jim proceeded to bring them to life.

Through bright and light-hearted illustrations, he used each to bring further meaning to the Sweeties sayings. 

His beloved wife Frieda brought further excitement to the Sweeties by including the adorable little mice in each illustration. 

We are forever thankful for and grateful to Jim & Frieda for all their hard work and diligence in making 'The Sweeties'  (and the little mice) so incredibly awesome! 

With so much excitement,encouragement and most of all prayers, Trish and David are busy promoting the'Sweeties Manual' while working on their next delightfully inspiring book in the Sweeties Collectible Series.